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Jan 10, 2010 10:00am EST
for the united states of america. >> i tnk the idea of gateway jourlism, of big networks and big newspapers beinghe only voices on the landscap is over. >> this idea of whats credible ultimately comes down to whoo you trust.ho has been trustworthy? >> from the knight stuos at the neeum in washington, d.c., i'm frank sesno. helloand weome to "the future of news," our coersation about old and nemedia and what it means for news and for all of us in e digital age. i'm happy to be joined today by 2 award-winng journalists in theorld of ternational reporting. ann curry of nbc news may be bt known for hework on the "today" show and "dateline,"ut she's also disnguished herself in global humanitarian rerting. she reported on the crisis in darfur when few western reporters were the and has returned to rica repeatedly to cover th conflicts sudan, chad, and e congo. she's also repted from the middle st and from iran for that country's presidential election. crles sennott, longtimforeign correspondent for th"boston gle," was bureau chief in both jerusalem anlondon and has morehan 25 years of
Jan 24, 2010 10:00am EST
without a tough and vibrt media of all sorts is not an option for thenited stes of america. >> more voices is alwaysetter for our industry, and more ws of distributing d more ways of reacng people and more ways that people can consume our mea. >> so you're just gonna get everything, and you a consumer have to choose. >> frothe newseum in washingt, d.c., this is "the future onews." welcome to the knight studio and our conversation aboutedia and news in the gital age. i'm frank seo. joining me today are o groundbreaking and digitay savvy reporters. mar schiavocampo of c is the first digital journali in network news, st might be the new face of journalism in a multi-media world. mara reports,roduces, shts, and edits her own stories, files f nbc televion, and the web. walt mossberg, you may know him aan experienced "wl street jourl" reporter who has become influential new mediaxpert. his beat ithe intersection of technologynd media, and he makes it comprehensible tohe rest of us in his personal technology column anthrough the l things d conference and website that cov the digital world.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2